'Pretty' Season 4 Premiere Review: Grown Up Dancing Annette is Made of Win

Season 4 of Pretty kicks off on Monday, January 5.
JTS subscribers got a sneak peek at thew new season of comedy web series Pretty in December, but the rest of the world will finally be able to watch the Season 4 premiere on Monday, January 5 at prettytheseries.com. Spoiler Alert: The show that has won more Indie Series Awards than any other comedy series in history is Pretty-er than ever.

It has been nearly three years since the last new episode of Pretty aired, but decades have passed in the story and Annette Champagne (Stacy McQueen) is no longer a 6-year-old pageant contestant. Instead, she's a chain-smoking, foul-mouthed adult running a fledgling dance academy, dealing with a daughter of her own, an ex-husband, a bitter rival from the past and, of course, dance moms! McQueen is spectacular and watching her play Annette as an adult is both fascinating and fun.

In the opener, Miss Annette prepares her students for a competition that's only three weeks away, using her own special brand of dance instruction.  We don't want to give away too much, but you'll need to watch more than once to catch all the jokes.  And there's an appearance by Diane Delano (Fumbling Thru the Pieces) that's comedy gold.

For fans of the first three seasons, the jump in time doesn't change the trademark tone of the show, written perfectly by Steve Silverman. In fact, it adds a Dance Moms infusion of humor that makes the show fresh, and opens the door for a world of possibilities in the future.

Don't miss the Pretty season premiere on Monday, January 5. It's a whole new Pretty world, and you will want to visit.

Grade: A

Watch the Pretty Season 4 trailer below:

Watch the Season 4 premiere of Pretty here:

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