'State of Affairs' Preview: Lies, Truths and Trickery

Chris McKenna as Nick Verra -- Photo by: Brandon Hickman/NBC
A new episode of State of Affairs airs tonight at 10 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

Sixty-five photos of national landmarks suddenly surface, all featuring the är rissãlah symbol. Meanwhile, a college student claiming to be an är rissãlah operative breaks into the White House. The 7th floor team works to figure out the identities of the picture takers as the hunt for Al Moosari continues. Charlie (Katherine Heigl), now in Yemen, desperately tries to make contact with her asset while evading the Yemeni secret police. Nick’s (Chris L. McKenna) masked captor lets him go only to lead him to his next mission.

Back at Langley, Lucas (Adam Kaufman) takes the lead on the interrogation of a potential, and very controversial, är rissãlah member. At the same time, President Payton (Alfre Woodard) must make a hard choice between getting a much-needed win or holding out for her long-term goal of killing Sheikh Hakam.

Watch a sneak peek of the episode, titled "Bellerophon," below:

Sheila Vand, Tommy Savas, Cliff Chamberlain and David Harbour also star. Guest starring Nestor Carbonell, Melinda McGraw and Anil Kumar.

State of Affairs led the list of Xfinity On Demand's top 20 TV shows for the week ending December 27, ahead of second place Homeland.

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