Will and Paul Have Sex on 'Days of our Lives'

Will is married to Sonny, Paul is in love with Sonny, but Will and Paul had sex on Thursday.
Will and Paul had sex on Thursday's episode of Days of our Lives. TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan spoke with actors Guy Wilson (Will Horton), Freddie Smith (Sonny Kiriakis) and Christopher Sean (Paul Narita) in a new interview. Below is an excerpt:

Editor's Note: Guy Wilson made his first appearance as Will one year ago today.

TV Guide Magazine: How did you react when you heard about this wild development?
Smith: This is not the way anybody thought this story would go – least of all me. [Laughs] It really threw me for a loop. It’s a super-crazy twist and when Sonny finds out what Will has done, it’s going to be insane. It was the last thing Sonny is expecting, to have this young stud, Paul, come to town...and now this! I think it’s just incredible. Not incredible for Sonny but, as an actor, it’s amazing. It just blew me away.
Sean: Before this Paul-Will thing started to show up in the scripts, I questioned [co-executive producer] Lisa de Cazotte as to what was going to happen. She hinted at a romance between Will and Paul and I was, like, “Whaat? Why would Paul ever do that?” I was just as shocked as the fans probably are. I think this may turn into quite a contest. It’ll be like those teen vampire-werewolf fan rivalries, with Team Paulson and Team Wilson fighting it out.

Guy Wilson and Freddie Smith.
Photo by: Paul Drinkwater/NBC
TV Guide Magazine: Then again, is it really a surprise? The Will-Sonny relationship seemed doomed back when they started suspecting each other of Nick’s murder.
Wilson: What we have here is like a perfect storm. Will took that writing gig in L.A. and it just blindsided Sonny. I think that was the point of no return and, in time, Will might come to realize it. That, coupled with the arrival of Paul, set all this in motion. And, really, it’s not surprising if you consider that Will is Sami Brady’s kid. [Laughs] He comes from a legacy of shocking behavior! The audience reaction to Will is going to be scalding. To be fair, it’s not like he pursued this affair in any way, but he certainly gave into temptation. He is going to deeply regret this.

TV Guide Magazine:
Well, we certainly can’t blame Paul.
Sean: No, Paul is not the villain in this triangle. Sure, he has animalistic urges and he pounced, but it’s Will who was easily swayed. Will has bitten off more than he can chew. He wanted that forbidden fruit! The only thing Paul is guilty of is wanting human connection. He wants love. That’s why he reached out to Sonny and now he’s seeking comfort from Will and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a basic human need. He has no idea he’s having sex with his ex-lover’s husband. Paul thinks Will is single. He’s not wearing a wedding ring. [Laughs] Will’s the bad guy!

Christopher Sean - Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC
TV Guide Magazine: Christopher, you’re half Japanese. How is your family dealing with what they’re seeing on screen?
Sean: My mom is Japanese and my dad’s military — an Irish-German from Ohio. [Laughs] What would you think with that type of background? “We shun you!” No, in actuality, my parents have been very supportive, loving and respectful. They support me no matter what choices I’ve made. I’ve always tried to make sure I’ve walked the correct path. They think I’m doing a good job on the show and they’re very proud. I love them, they love me. and we constantly high-five on that.

TV Guide Magazine: But…
Sean: But my dad fast-forwards through all the fun stuff. My mom turns away from the screen. My sister is the one who antagonizes them. During all those flashbacks of Paul and Sonny having sex, she was, like, “Look, look!” But my parents won’t watch. Then my sister has to say, “Okay, they’re done. You can look now.” I don’t know how they’ll react to the sex scenes between Will and Paul, which are pretty hectic. They’re very sexual. There’s lovemaking and then there’s sex – and Paul and Will are having the latter. It’s tough. It’s awesome.

TV Guide Magazine: So, then, this thing with Will is just sexual? No love blooming here?
Wilson: When a good-looking person comes on to you, it’s always flattering and a little intriguing, and it’s always fun to entertain those questions of “What if?” But that is the extent of it for Will — just being flattered that this very handsome, very successful pro athlete was making a pass at him. The connection and the magnetism Will and Sonny have for each other is not about to falter. But it will be challenged in a very serious way.

TV Guide Magazine: Word is, Paul will agree to come out in Will’s article, but then start to waffle out of fear of what his family will think — not what a ruthless journo like Will wants to hear. Does Will get his hot scoop?
Sean: Paul has been portraying a straight male probably ever since he was a child. In the Asian culture, it’s all about family and respect and honor. Sure, gay sports figures are slowly starting to come out and that will become more and more commonplace in our world, but fear is fear. Paul’s afraid of what will happen if he says, “This is who I am.” That kind of emotional vulnerability can scare the heck out of anybody — gay or straight. We’re going to find out whether he does or doesn’t overcome that. So stay tuned!

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