Watch the Premiere of 'Misguided' Starring Paul Gosselin & Stephanie Gatschet

Paul Gosselin's new web series, Misguided, made its debut today, and features former Guiding Light and All My Children actress Stephanie Gatschet.

In the series, Paul left New York City after Guiding Light was canceled and moved to Los Angeles. Searching for inspiration, he found his way to the one person who understands his passion for the soap opera genre, Big Sue. Paul lucks out when his best friend, Stephanie, needs a roommate the moment he moves to town, but is slightly let down when he discovers this soap opera connection has really gone to the dogs.

Watch the premiere below:

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Paul Gosselin said...

THANK YOU so much for sharing, it means the world to me. For a behind the scenes look at this particular episode, be sure to check out: THANK YOU AGAIN!!!

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