Who Killed Lucy Beale on 'EastEnders'? Oddsmakers Say Bobby Beale

Lucy Beale died in April 2014. Her killer will be revealed on EastEnders tonight.
The 10-month EastEnders storyline revolving around who killed Lucy Beale is nearing its conclusion and the killer will finally be revealed tonight.

Oddsmakers list Bobby Beale as the top the top suspect going into Thursday's episode. Paddy Power currently lists him at 11/4 odds, followed by Jane Beale at 5/1.

Below are the latest Paddy Power odds on Lucy's killer:
Bobby Beale 11/4
Phil Mitchell 50/1
Alfie Moon 150/1
Jane Beale 5/1
Sonia Jackson 50/1
Liam Butcher 150/1
Cindy Beale 11/2
Dean Wicks 50/1
Shabnam Ahmed 150/1
Ben Mitchell 11/2
Aleks Shirov 66/1
Tiffany Butcher 150/1
Ian Beale 7/1
Rainie Cross 66/1
Stacey Branning 150/1
Billy Mitchell 7/1
Nick Cotton 80/1
Babe Smith 150/1
Denise Fox 9/1
Steven Beale 80/1
Bianca Butcher 150/1
Pam Coker 10/1
Jake Stone 100/1
Dexter Hartman 150/1
Peter Beale 12/1
Cameron Bryant 100/1
Fiona Mackintosh 150/1
Abi Branning 12/1
Nancy Carter 100/1
Donna Yates 150/1
Lee Carter 18/1
Carl White 100/1
Libby Fox 150/1
Danny Pennant 20/1
Masood Ahmed 100/1
Rosie Spraggan 200/1
Les Coker 20/1
Tamwar Masood 100/1
Mo Harris 200/1
Fatboy 20/1
Ronnie Mitchell 100/1
Terry Spraggan Jr. 200/1
Sadie Young 20/1
Christian Clarke 100/1
Shirley Carter 200/1
Sharon Mitchell 25/1
Emma Summerhayes 100/1
Stan Carter 200/1
Mick Carter 25/1
Kirsty Branning 125/1
Linda Carter 200/1
Cora Cross 25/1
Carol Jackson 125/1
Nikki Spraggan 200/1
Whitney Dean 25/1
Patrick Trueman 150/1
Jean Slater 200/1
Charlie Cotton 33/1
Dirty Den Watts 150/1
Janine Butcher 200/1
Lauren Branning 33/1
David Wicks 150/1
Roxy Mitchell 200/1
Jay Brown 40/1
Johnny Carter 150/1
Tina Carter 200/1
Max Branning 40/1
Dot Cotton 150/1
Terry Spraggan Sr. 200/1
Tanya Branning 40/1
Yvonne Cotton 150/1
Kat Moon 200/1
Lola Pearce 50/1

* 'EastEnders' Premiered 30 Years Ago Today


Anonymous said...

But what about the huge back from the dead revelation at the end of the episode?

FoxCrane said...

Not to mention - the stunning location sequence showing Phil standing there, waiting alone, against the glittering backdrop of Canary Wharf and the O2, while waiting for "her" to arrive. It was a beautiful, memorable scene and provided fantastic atmosphere for the live part that night. Even the weather cooperated with an appropriate, but not overbearing, amount of London drizzle to set the mood .. lol! .. The whole Anniversary Week was great. This is how it's done!

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