TV One Movie 'Hear No Evil' Premieres Tonight, Stars Richard T. Jones, Jill Marie Jones, Jackie Long, Leander Suleiman, Jahnee Wallace

Hear No Evil premieres March 14 on TV One.
TV One original movie Hear No Evil premieres Saturday, March 15 at 8 p.m. ET. The film stars Richard T. Jones, Jill Marie Jones, Jackie Long, Leander Suleiman and Jahnee Wallace.

What would happen if God started talking to you? A young deaf girl named Shelby (Wallace) is given the power to hear God's voice but that gift comes with major consequences.

Watch a sneak peek of Hear No Evil below:

Hear No Evil was written and directed by Russ Parr.

The cast includes Judi Blair, Cory Chapman, Kaia Davis, Nikki Duarte, Barb Foran, Stacy Hall, Raj Kala, Michael Provost, Larry Rhem, Kendal Tuttle and Gregory Alan Williams.


Unknown said...

I caught this movie after it had been on for a while. They got the info messed up, saying that it's this movie that came out in 1982 with Gil Gerard. Wow.

Unknown said...

Wow, i only have seen the previews, i want to watch it. But cant find it. Is there anywhere i can watch it, ill pay to watch it!

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