CBS Introduces Data-Driven Approach for Analyzing and Buying TV Time

CBS today introduced a new data-driven approach for analyzing and buying time on broadcast television called “Campaign Performance Audit,” or CPA. This new approach, which CBS has been testing with select advertisers since last fall, is now available to all CBS clients looking to add performance-based metrics to maximize their network television spend and enhance their return on investment.

Through CPA, CBS will provide advertisers with a formalized roadmap utilizing a growing range of analytics provided by CBS and Nielsen. For key clients, this includes access to CBS’s state-of-the-art research facility, Television City, where advertisers can test the effectiveness of messages to ensure their ads resonate with the brand’s target audience. In addition, CPA employs a full complement of Nielsen analytics, including Nielsen Catalina Solutions, Nielsen Buyer Insights, Nielsen MotorStats, Nielsen MRI Fusion, Nielsen Brand Effects and Nielsen Cambridge Media Demand Landscape.

“Research shows that network television is the most powerful medium in building both brand awareness and equity for marketers,” said David Poltrack, Chief Research Officer, CBS Corporation and President of CBS VISION. “With CPA, we are offering clients a new way to analyze Nielsen’s performance-based data to achieve ideal reach, frequency, targeting and placement for clients looking to craft a campaign that delivers the optimal return on their television advertising investment.”

Jo Ann Ross, President of Network Sales, CBS Television Network, said, “CBS is again at the forefront of offering clients tangible and proven tools to ensure dollars spent on CBS are the most effective and powerful of their overall ad spend. We believe this approach, which arms marketers with solid data, will help them make informed media buys that deliver results.”

The CPA approach includes a number of components such as helping clients test the effectiveness of their message, maximizing weekly reach and “recency,” and offering more precise targeting and favorable context. The use of the analytical tools to implement these key components will not only provide clients with the roadmap to planning and purchasing an effective television media buy, but will also give them a precise and actionable scorecard showing the measurable return on investment of the campaign.

* CBS to Release Daily L7 Projections Alongside Live Plus Same Day Ratings

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