Michaeljon Slinger, Marc McClure & Ryan Brown Are Latest Cast Additions to Janet Iacobuzio & Nelson Aspen's Upcoming Series

Michaeljon Slinger, Marc McClure, Ryan Brown
Pre-production on Janet Iacobuzio and Nelson Aspen's exciting new web series is rolling along and three new names have been announced in the cast. Joining Marcia McCabe, Anne Howard and Colleen Zenk are a familiar face from Daytime TV, a Broadway star, and an iconic character actor from many of Hollywood's historic blockbusters.

Author and photographer Ryan Brown is proud to be stepping back in front of the cameras for this project. He is well remembered for his portrayals of two of soaps' most important legacy characters: Billy Abbott on The Young and the Restless and Bill Lewis III on Guiding Light.

Australian Dancer of the Year Michaeljon Slinger has also signed up for an appearance. With Broadway credits that include "West Side Story, "Evita" with Ricky Martin, "How to Succeed in Business" with Daniel Radcliffe and "Billy Elliot," he is also regularly featured in BROADWAY BARES and danced in this year's Oscar ceremonies.

Ubiquitous actor Marc McClure has an extensive TV and film resume that includes everything from Freaky Friday (both the 1976 original and the 2003 remake!) and Apollo 13 to the much loved roles of "Dave McFly" in the Back to the Future films and "Jimmy Olsen" in the Superman franchise with Christopher Reeve.

"It was because of Superman that I first met Marc in the late '90s," Nelson Aspen explains to Serial Scoop. "I booked Chris Reeve and Marc to be guests at a Film Festival. We became fast friends and I've enjoyed a long, close friendship with him and his awesome wife, Carol."

As for the other new cast members, he says, "Michaeljon's dad was a fan of my show in Australia and alerted me to the fact that he was making his Broadway debut in "West Side Story." I reported a story on his success and have been enjoying following his meteoric rise ever since. It's very rewarding to bring new talent together with all the Vets. Besides, every show nowadays has to have a hunky Aussie! Ryan and I had a series of 'small world' connections besides through the Soap World: we lived in the same apartment building when I first moved back to Manhattan...and his wife, Victoria, and I are reporting colleagues. He's a very talented photographer and did my last series of headshots. I was always a fan of his work on GL and Y&R, so I really wanted him to be a part of this new endeavor. He'll be great!"

In 2013, Ryan Brown caught up with Nelson Aspen on an episode of @Nelson's! Watch it below:

Stay tuned to Serial Scoop for more announcements about this new summer series starring some of Daytime's greatest and most beloved actors, and how you can interact through its social media component.

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