Sarah Michelle Gellar Proactiv+ Commercials and Digital Campaigns Launching This Month

Sarah Michelle Gellar
Playing strong female leads on TV and in films means Sarah Michelle Gellar has to have the confidence to put her best face forward. With the help of Proactiv+, Sarah can keep the spotlight on her character instead of her skin.

The benefits of using Proactiv+ goes beyond achieving clear skin for Sarah; the busy mom and wife also needs an easy to use system. In just three quick steps, Proactiv+ allows her to focus on her life rather than her skincare routine. Combining powerful acne treatment plus skincare benefits in every step, Proactiv+ is formulated to not only to help treat and clear acne but also help visibly diminish the evidence of past breakouts, restoring skin to its healthy-looking appearance.

Gellar found out about original Proactiv thanks to a tip from a makeup artist. The then 16-year-old soap opera actress on All My Children found that the heavy makeup applied for camera and the hormonal changes of being a teenager equated to embarrassing acne breakouts. After using the 3-Step System for only a few days, Sarah saw her skin transform and Proactiv became her teenage acne solution. In recent years however, assuming that her bad skin days were behind her, Sarah was shocked to find that her acne was haunting her as an adult as well

"It's hard to deal with breakouts as an adult. You think to yourself 'I already went through this. I shouldn't be facing this,'" said Sarah. "I experienced great results with the Original Proactiv 3-Step System so after seeing an infomercial for Proactiv+, I decided to give the new system a try. And it works! The first thing I noticed was how much cleaner and brighter my skin looked and felt."

Beginning in March 2015, Sarah will share her story in Proactiv+'s national commercials and digital campaigns with the hope of inspiring others to take control of their acne and find results with the uncomplicated, effective solution.

"Proactiv+ reveals beautiful skin and if you give it a chance, you'll discover the confidence that comes with having the complexion you've always wanted," added Sarah. "I'm thrilled with the results."

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