'The Royals' Sneak Peek: Sexual Tension Rises Between Princess Eleanor and Jasper

Alexandra Park stars as Princess Eleanor on The Royals.
The second installment of The Royals airs Sunday at 10 p.m. ET/PT on E!

At the annual garden party, Prince Liam is reunited with his ex, Gemma. The Queen and Cyrus work to counteract King Simon's wishes.

The episode is titled "Infants of the Spring." Watch a sneak peek below in which Jasper doesn't take it well when Eleanor flirts with an Olympic swimmer in front of his eyes.

Elizabeth Hurley stars as Queen Helena in The Royals. The 10-episode hour-long drama series from One Tree Hill creator Mark Schwahn depicts the lives of a fictional monarchy in modern times where power is everything, limits do not exist, and trust is a luxury this family can't afford.

The family includes Vincent Regan as King Simon, William Mosley as Prince Liam and Alexandra Park as Princess Eleanor. Or as Queen Helena likes to call them: Princess Party Animal and His Royal Horniness. Threesomes, gangbangs, drugs—this is quite the royal family.

The cast of The Royals also includes Merritt Patterson, Jake Maskall, Ukweli Roach, Tom Austen, Sophie Colquhoun and Oliver Milburn with Joan Collins making a guest appearance as the Grand Duchess of Oxford.

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