Why Are There Two Jack Abbotts on 'The Young and the Restless'?

Two Jack Abbotts: Fake Jack and Real Jack
On Tuesday's episode of The Young and the Restless, it was revealed that Kelly Andrews (Cady McClain) was alive and holding Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) hostage. But how is that possible when viewers spent the hour watching Jack marry Phyllis Newman (Gina Tognoni)? It looks like there are two Jacks now and the one that married Phyllis is an imposter.

But when did Fake Jake take over Real Jack's life? Was Fake Jack the one who had sex with Kelly at the Underground before it collapsed? Fake Jake definitely was the hacker at Jabot, and Billy (Burgess Jenkins) has video evidence. How long has Real Jack been held captive? What does Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) have to do with all this? Is Fake Jake the person meeting Victor in the confessional booth?

It might explain a few things if Fake Jack took over before the Underground roof collapsed but, if Victor was involved, why did he think he was talking with Real Jack when they later shared a hospital room? Kelly doesn't seem powerful enough to pull off such a switcheroo on her own. Or is Kelly holding Fake Jack waiting to unleash him on the world? That seems less likely. What if both Jacks were in Genoa City doing different things at the same time? Or does Jack have a twin brother?

My head hurts thinking about all the possibilities. How about yours?

It was an exciting day in Port Charles and Salem Genoa City and St. Barts.


nelsonaspen said...

Anything is possible when writers decide to make things up as they go along without any respect or obligation to the history...which of course defeats the entire purpose of serial storytelling. Y&R is unwatchable. I hope it can be fixed.

Tammy Fulton said...

This Storyline is RIDICULOUS! It is getting to be like the now defunct Passions! I used to like Y & R because it was realistic but now with all the twins. long lost babies, and dopplegangers its just to stupid to watch anymore. And why does Victor always have to win? He needs to lose at least once! And this killer storyline is to stupid to discuss

DanMan869 said...

Y&R has been on a downward path for 9+ years now. I hope it can be fixed, too, but this junk is pretty bad and damages a brand.

Peggy Takenoshyt Barnett-Mewbo said...

This is garbage!!!

Fox said...

At least Passions put itself out there right from the get-go as a soap that was going to include a lot of fantastical elements, satire, and yes, comedy. With Y&R, I get the idea that we're supposed to take this seriously. I can actually respect Passions for trying to do something different and being something of a niche soap for viewers who wanted that. But with Y&R it's like they've broken some kind of 'contract' with their regular viewers.

redboy70 said...

Given that they just did the Mariah/Cassie reveal (with Victor as the mastermind) not too long ago, plus Fluke happening on GH, I would think Chuck Pratt would have the sense to put another double story aside for now. He's never been one to respect history or character, so I'm not really surprised. BUUUUT... I think Peter Bergman will do a bang-up job and possibly vindicate the story.

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