'Days of our Lives' Celebrates 50 Years of History By Changing It: Xander is Alexandros

Paul Telfer stars as Xander on Days of our Lives.
Why does Days of Our Lives make it so hard to enjoy it? Days has an active fan base that spends year after year forgiving it for every major blunder it makes, and keeps watching when the latest "play to save Days" doesn't pan out.

On the April 9 episode of Days we learned that Xander Cook was not Alexander Kiriakis, son of Justin Kiriakis and Anjelica Curtis, as believed by viewers after Victor Kiriakis called him "Alexander" the day before. Well, Victor DID call him Alexandros at the end of the show. But what other relative does Victor have with that name? Instead, Xander was revealed to be Victor's heretofore unknown nephew, Alexandros Kiriakis, Victor's brother's son. Is he Justin's brother?

Viewers will remember that back in the day the reason why Victor was so obsessed with Justin was because he was Victor's only living relative. This was also why he was later obsessed with controlling the lives of his children, Bo and Isabella.

Why does Days of our Lives insist on inventing characters that didn't exist, when it has 50 years of history to use? Including a nephew of Victor's named Alexander.

* Paul Telfer Joins 'Days of our Lives' as Xander
* Paul Telfer Joins 'Days of our Lives' as Xander
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wrstlgirl said...

Dazed and confused here. What a waste of a terrific opportunity to bring back the "real" Alexander. What a mess!!!!!

nelsonaspen said...

Well said, sir. I am hating the current trend on YR, GH and now DOOL of not just rewriting history, but out-and-out INVENTING it. It shows a tremendous lack of creativity (or laziness?) and disrespect for the viewers. These writers should just go start something new from scratch rather than wrecking what took so long to establish.

HeyYouKidsGetOffMyLawn said...

Yeah, this was just dumb, dumb, dumb.

211of211 said...

I couldn't agree more. Considering the similarities between Alexander/Alexandros, it seems to me that the writers didn't do a bit of research before creating this character. Meaning I don't think they had a clue that Victor already had a nephew named Alexander, so they created Alexandro, a character who, as far as I knew, previously didn't exist. If they had just taken the time to do their homework, though, they would have found a golden opportunity to bring back a character that I've wanted to see brought back for decades. Now all they have is a confusing mess, and more than a few disappointed fans. Thanks a lot Days.

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