Google Granted Patent for Warning System to Make Social Media Spoiler-Free

Google was granted a patent by the Unites States Patent and Trademark Office on Tuesday for a "system and method for processing content spoilers." The proposed filter would identify spoilers about TV shows, books and movies and remove them from your social media feeds until you're up to date.

Google's patent takes it a step further than a simple keyword-based filter that blocks all related content. Rather than sticker every post about a certain show or book with a spoiler warning, the patent proposes a system that tracks, for example, all the episodes of a show that users have watched. It could then automatically censor content in a user's feed if the post is about an episode the user hasn't seen for themselves.

The post itself would still appear, but if the system thinks it detects a spoiler, the content would be censored. And, on the off chance you succumb to temptation, you can click past the spoiler tag and see what was posted.

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