Has Kristoff St. John Become an "Extra" on 'The Young and the Restless'?

Kristoff St. John
It seemed as though Emmy-winning actor Kristoff St. John finally had a frontburner story on The Young and the Restless as his character, Neil Winters, discovered that his wife Hilary (Mishael Morgan) was hitting the sheets with his son Devon. Neil subsequently returned to the bottle in a big way. But what happened to his story? Ever since Charles Pratt Jr. took over as head writer and executive producer on The Young and the Restless, his screentime has dwindled. Some are even wondering if he is an extra, as one of St. John's neighbors recently asked him.

The talented actor is still under contract but the airtime for Neil, Devon (Emmy winner Bryton James) and Hilary has diminished in recent months (don't get me started on the disappearance of "Hevon"), coinciding with Pratt's reign (and Victoria Rowell's lawsuit). By posting the tweet above, is St. John sending a message to bosses that he needs more airtime? If so, hopefully Y&R's head writer, producing team, CBS and Sony are listening.

On a related note, Mishael Morgan revealed to Soaps in Depth on Monday that she is expecting her first child in August.

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nelsonaspen said...

I'm surprised when these actors (the kid from GH last wk) publicly express their professional discontent on social media and then wonder why the Brass is upset with them and/or make matters worse.

Josstheguy said...

Really? Given the racist crap that Victoria Rowell, Kristof, Bryton, and other black performers have experienced on Y&R, I don't have a problem with Kristof speaking out at all. Hell, while primetime TV is buzzing about the Empire effect and the need for diversity, Pratt and company are completely ignoring it.

I think you really are missing out on the historical context of how badly black performers on Y&R have been treated. You should talk to Roger Newcomb who's researched and written about this subject.

Other than The Bold and the Beautiful, there are no women of color leading a story on a soap.

Y&R had a great love story with Hillary & Devon yet they are barely on these days. You never see that with white couples on soaps. Hot couples are featured nearly daily. That's not the case with Hevon.

Personally, I am sickened that the Winters have once again been pushed aside and are rarely seen. When we read about how primetime TV is trying to diversify by adding more people of color.

Look across the remaining soap operas. There are no black women tenured actresses. Not one has a long term black, Latina, Asian, or Native American actress. When you think about the great actresses on the remaining soaps, not one is a person of color because she doesn't exist.

Other than Sabrina Santiago on GH, can you name another Latina on a soap opera? In recent memory, can you think of a dark-skinned, non-white Latina or Latino (I say this because soaps frequently hire white actors and actresses to play Latinos, ignoring the large number of Native American, mestizo, and Afro-Latino actors) in a soap role.

The only person of color with a decent storyline on Days is Christopher Sean. Otherwise, Salem is pretty segregated.

Fox said...

The stats don't really back that up. According to the episode count archive at SON, KSJ was played in 91 episodes during 2014, for an average of 7.5 episodes per month. Each month has about 21-22 episodes, so just figure he was in 1/3 of the year's episodes. .. And for the first three months of 2015 (Jan - Mar), KSJ has appeared in 28 episodes. So he's actually been averaging 9 episodes a month, since Pratt came in.

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