Lifetime Movie 'Text to Kill' Premieres Tonight, Stars Dina Meyer, Emily Tennant, Keenan Tracey

Text to Kill premieres April 11 on Lifetime.
The premiere of Text to Kill airs Saturday, April 11 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime. The film stars Dina Meyer, Emily Tennant and Keenan Tracey.

Seventeen-year-old Taylor (Tennant) is having a tough time in high school after the controversial death of her father in a drunk driving accident. Her widowed mother Allison (Meyer), a cop with the local police department, is doing her best to balance her demanding job and raise Taylor on her own. One night, Taylor gets a chat request on her computer. It comes from a user calling himself "TRUTH&LIES," who claims to "know the truth" and ends the conversation with an ominous "I know." Over the next few days, Taylor gets more messages from "TRUTH&LIES," and soon realizes she's not the only one. Taylor now must team up with her ex-best friend Hannah (Stephanie Bennett), ex-boyfriend Zach (Matt Mazur), confidant Barb (Sarah Desjardins), and the cute new guy in school Cody (Tracey)--who all have secrets of their own-- to discover the identity "TRUTH&LIES" before their secrets go public... or worse.

Watch a sneak peek below:

Text to Kill was written by Jeffrey Barmash, Barbara Fixx and Kley Weber. George Erschbamer directed.

The cast includes Kwesi Ameyaw, Kurt Ostlund, Alex Barima, Ona Grauer, Gemma Martini, Robert Weiss, Christos Shaw, Michael Karl Richards, Sheri Rabold, Eddy Huber and Jessee Paragine.

Note: The movie was also know as Truth & Lies during the production process.

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