Mary Beth Evans Back on Contract with 'Days of our Lives'

Mary Beth Evans won her first Daytime Emmy award on Friday, April 24 as a producer on The Bay.
Mary Beth Evans (Kayla Brady) is the latest veteran actor to sign a contract with NBC soap opera Days of our Lives, joining Judi Evans (Adrienne Kiriakis) and Wally Kurth (Justin Kiriakis).

Evans blogged about her lack of story when she returned to Days as Kayla in 2010.

"I was working in the family pub, and I would have days when all I would say was, 'here is your to go order.'" Evans wrote. "At first I felt a bit humiliated and asked myself, 'how did it get to this?' Then I realized that I was lucky to have the job at all, and instead decided that I’d be the VERY best background player there ever was! I rocked that pretend bar – marrying condiments, folding napkins, wiping down the counters! I hung in there with a smile on my face and an improved attitude, and eventually things improved. Now, here we are four – five years later it has all changed again. I am back on contract, working like crazy and loving the stories I am playing. It is crazy how it turned around."

Days of our Lives has been undergoing a number of changes in front of and behind the camera this year as the show heads toward its 50th anniversary in November, as well as a possible renewal or cancellation.

Head Writers Gary Tomlin and Christopher Whitesell were replaced by Dena Higley and Josh Griffith on February 16. A top script writer was let go soon after.

In March, it was announced that Lisa de Cazotte was out as co-executive producer, replaced by director/producer Albert Alarr. Janet Spellman-Rider was upped to producer.

Longtime fan favorites like Peter Reckell (Bo Brady), Stephen Nichols (Steve Johnson) and Alison Sweeney) are among those returning to the show for its milestone anniversary.

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TVAdvertiser said...

Too much focus on the characters and stories of the 1980s/1990s with this new writing regime IMHO. The mix that gave DAYS multi-year ratings highs in 2013 would be a much better approach to bring ratings up. I don't think ratings will go up because of the vets, even less since the show keeps pissing off all the other fan bases that were part of the 2013 mix. This new writing regime is going in an absolutely wrong direction right now and they could have avoided that if they had just taken the effort to analyze what has worked in the last couple of years and what hasn't.

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