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Why Sunday's Big Game of Thrones Death Was a Very Necessary Departure from the Books
So why did Dan Weiss and David Benioff decide to bump off Mance on the show? Well, for a number of reasons. First of all, it’s pretty clear that the mission statement of this season is “efficiency.” I’m a huge fan of the books, but if you’ll forgive me for saying so, Martin’s fourth and and fifth novels could have used a lot of editing. That’s essentially what Weiss and Benioff are doing here. They’ve obviously gotten rid of the whole plot with Mance Rayder’s baby (so, apparently, that book story line doesn’t pay off in a significant way), and without that plot there isn’t a real reason to keep Mance around.

Kate Mulgrew's Drama From Real Life
Actress Kate Mulgrew has revealed she gave a child up for adoption in her early 20s because she felt she was too young to become a mum. The Orange Is The New Black star has detailed the heartbreak of discovering she was with child at 22 in her first memoir, titled Born With Teeth. After finding out she was pregnant the father, who was an actor in the Royal Shakespeare company her to consider an abortion. However, Mulgrew was adamant on keeping their unborn child, even offering her own mother money to hire a nanny while she took on acting gigs. Mulgrew was appearing on U.S. soap opera Ryan's Hope at the time of her pregnancy and returned to work just three days after giving birth.

This Ethiopian Soap Opera Could Save Lives
Goats bleat in the background as two college friends banter in the opening of a new radio series for rural Ethiopian communities that’s part soap opera and part public service announcement. Launched last month, the “edutainment” project is combined the development know-how of the Portland-based aid organization Mercy Corps with the entertainment prowess of Warner Bros.

Gotham's Ben McKenzie on the End of the Season: "Not Everybody Lives"
The season finale, he noted, will see Gotham inch closer toward "ultimate anarchy" that will result in "masked vigilantes roaming the streets" — with major consequences for the characters around Gordon.

"Not everybody lives, and the people who do live don't necessarily end up mentally all there," he said. "There's a price to be paid. It's really crazy."

Tori Spelling Rushed to Hospital After Falling on a Hibachi Grill at Benihana
According to a Daily Mail report, eyewitnesses at the Encino, Calif. restaurant say Tori tripped and fell backwards as she was getting up to leave, and "shouted out in pain." She suffered a large burn on the back of her right arm.

Time Warner, Viacom Back Away From Nielsen Guarantees For Ads
Time Warner and Viacom are in talks with select advertisers that would have the sponsors pay for video ads based on measures very different from the industry’s current standard, Nielsen ratings. The deals would center not on an average of how many people actually saw the commercials — as is the current practice — but rather on how the ads affect consumer behavior or how often consumers interact with the pitches.

Mad Men Director Michael Uppendahl Explains Sunday's Parade of Guest Stars, How to Orchestrate the Ideal Elevator Scene
"So many people are saying, 'Give me Joan,' and all these other wonderful characters. You know the clock is ticking. There's not much more screen time for any of them, because there are so few episodes remaining. I think it's a bold writing move — and Matt is at home with bold writing moves — but it was especially bold to spend so much time with people who aren't necessarily the regulars. Elizabeth really came through for us. It's an interesting role, and I was really happy it was her. I hadn't had the pleasure of working with her before, but I really enjoyed it."

Nashville's Laura Benanti will write a humorous essay collection
The actress will share funny (and occasionally weird) stories from her time growing up in New Jersey, moving to New York City at 18 to pursue her Broadway dreams, and ending up married and divorced twice by age 34. Benanti will also address themes like learning to be alone, people-pleasing, and “ladyfriendships”—all of which she writes about frequently on Twitter.

Where Are They Now? The Cast of Charmed
Before Witches of East End, and our favorite Teen Witch, there was Charmed.

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