'EastEnders' Summer Trailer Includes Gay Kiss

Ben and Paul share a kiss on EastEnders this summer.
British soap opera EastEnders has released a summer trailer packed full of drama, including a surprise gay kiss.

Jonny Labey joins the cast as Paul Coker, Les and Pam's grandson, and shakes thing up immediately. Paul sets his sights on Ben Mitchell (Harry Reid). Ben is in denial about his sexuality and can be seen pushed up against a wall in the trailer, being kissed by Paul.

Check out the trailer below for a sneak peek at what's ahead this summer:

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Fox said...

From the description of the Paul Coker character, I'd say right off the bat. TPTB are going to have some real work to convince us that someone like Paul would have the slightest attraction to someone like Ben, who for the most part is still rather nasty and full of himself, with a personality that presents unsympathetic and unattractive. This is why the only girl in town who will go with Ben is someone like Abi Branning who has insecurity issues of her own and is willing to put up with the way he is.

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