Watch the 'Youthful Daze' Musical Episode!

Jen Lilley sings "Look What I've Found" on the Youthful Daze musical episode.
Following in the footsteps of shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Grey’s Anatomy, Youthful Daze is going Broadway with a special musical episode. The cast, including Days of our Lives star and recent Indie Series Award nominee Jen Lilley, sing nine original songs by Golden Ticket Management, with genres spanning from musical theatre to rock to pop.

The story picks up after Drew Castle (James) has lost everything due to drug addiction. Now sober, he will stop at nothing to win back the love of his life, Tommy (Ethan Daniel Corbett), promising his devotion through song. Unbeknownst to Drew, Colin Morris (Mike C. Manning, Cloud 9) has plans to win Drew back. Natalie (Lilley) sings a show stopping number about finding strength within herself as her familial drama wages on.

"Musicals have always been something that I have had a lot of respect for," said series creator and star Bryan James. "I like to try new things and this felt like a huge challenge that I couldn't say no to."

The episode also features appearances from Brittany Underwood (One Life to Live), David Loren, Jessica Osgood, and Ash McNair.

Watch below:

Songs from the episode are available for purchase on iTunes.

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