Casey Moss Joins 'Youthful Daze'

Casey Moss on the set of Youthful Daze.  Photo Credit: Joe Castillon
On Wednesday, the beautiful and talented Chrishell Stause broke the news on Twitter that Days of our Lives star Casey Moss (JJ) was joining her on the popular teen soap Youthful Daze.

Is Moss replacing Jonathan Lipnicki as Tyler Dean? Will there be other surprise casting moves? What's happening with the popular David A. Gregory? (Richie YD) I went right to series creator and star Bryan James (Drew) for the answer to my questions!

"Casey Moss is an exciting new addition to my show but he is only the first in a new wave for Youthful Daze,"said James. "I intentionally didn't announce this because I want to surprise people with who we have coming on and for them to be hit with it out of nowhere. All the recasts that are coming, and there are many, are of roles that I feel have more life in them to be explored. Almost anyone is recast-worthy on this show because I refuse to lose any of these characters. I love them too much. With that said, David Gregory is working in New York and is unavailable to film. I refuse to recast Richie because he left such a mark on that part and his exit is going to be left open for a return one day."

Continued James,"With Jonathan, he is a nice person, but he is not the vision I have for Tyler at all, and that is the truth with a few of the other roles as well. We can reach further and dig deeper. What's exciting about working with Casey Moss, is when we met we both immediately said to each other "Do I know you?" We both felt like we knew one another already somehow. I want to do work with other actors that help me take this show to another level."

Sounds Exciting!

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UPDATE #1: Jonathan Lipnicki has responded to this interview and he says that it was his decision to leave Youthful Daze.

According to Lipnicki, " I wish Bryan James and the cast of YD nothing but the best in the future. I think Casey Moss will do a terrific job. However I was not replaced. I am doing a movie in New York and then starting another movie a day after I wrap this one."

UPDATE #2: Bryan James has responded to Johnathan's quote.

Youthful Daze stands by its story.  It was our choice to replace Jonathan Lipnicki in the role of Tyler Dean."

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