Allison Janney Sparkles in Latest Episode of 'Break a Hip'

Allison Janney plays Niblett in the latest episode of Break a Hip.
I first saw the magic of Allison Janney when she played Ginger on the daytime drama Guiding Light. Later, her masterful performances on The West Wing won the talented actress four Primetime Emmy Awards. She was mesmerizing, and heartbreaking in Masters of Sex, and is hysterical in the CBS comedy Mom, winning an Emmy for each role. But she may have given her funniest performance to date as Niblett, the bango-playing landlord, in the latest episode of webcom Break a Hip.

Will Niblett succeed in getting Biz's (the brilliant Christina Pickles) "rent-controlled ass" out of her apartment? And will young Wincy (adorable newcomer Britt Hennemut) be able to help with a fake British accent? Watch "The Landlord" below to find out. Prepare to laugh!

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