'Serial Scoop Now': 'The Under 5ers' with Sami Horneff

The Under 5ers co-creator and star Sami Horneff with Serial Scoop Now host Roger Newcomb.
On the latest episode of Serial Scoop Now (1.15), host Roger Newcomb chats with New York native Sami Horneff, one of co-creators and stars of comedy web series The Under 5ers which recently kicked off its 10-episode second season.

"The Under 5ers is very relatable," Horneff explains, "and everyone has gone through something we portray on this show--whether you've been on a bad date, or you've had a crazy boss, or you're trying to figure out who you are. These are all themes I think people can relate to, but we do them in a way that hopefully is going to make you laugh."

Watch below:

To catch up on The Under 5ers, visit theunder5ers.com.

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