Mike C. Manning Shines in Santa Monica Playhouse's "CLIMAX"!

Mike C. Manning and Rae Dawn Chong. Photo Credit: I.C. Rapoport
Mike C. Manning goes from competitive snowboarder in Disney's Cloud 9, to documentary producer, to stage actor in Lisa Phillip Visca's original show "CLIMAX" at California’s Santa Monica Playhouse. On stage, Manning is seduced by Rae Dawn Chong, known for her role on Broadway where she starred in "OH KAY" at the Lunt Fountaine Theatre and films such as Commando and The Color Purple. Chong is also daughter to Tommy Chong of That '70s Show and Cheech & Chong's projects.

"I love working with Mike," Rae Dawn says of Manning. "Not only is he talented, sexy and easy to look at, I love that he has chops. He listens, and he can play. Great acting is playful and easy and connected. He is a star!"

"CLIMAX," a show that unfolds like a cross between a soap opera and traditional theatre, is directed by duo Chris DeCarlo and Evelyn Rudie, two staples in the Santa Monica theatre community.

Rae Dawn and Mike have electric chemistry, which has lead to consecutive sold-out shows and countless positive reviews from local Los Angeles critics.

The cast of "CLIMAX" includes George Eddington III, Jamie Gallo, Antonia Jones, Dennis Michael and Evelyn Rudie. The show is currently scheduled to run through November 1. For more information and to order tickets, visit santamonicaplayhouse.com.

Besides television and stage, Manning is a successful producer, helping to create the Showtime documentary Kidnapped for Christ, the upcoming documentary about the lives of homeless youth Lost In America, and the documentary An Act Of Love, which premieres next month at the Mill Valley Film Festival.

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