Deidre Hall Speaks Out: "It Was Very Difficult To See The Killing Of Will On Air"

Deidre Hall and Guy Wilson
Days of our Lives star Deidre Hall (Marlena) revealed on Facebook what the atmosphere on set was like when scenes of Will's (Guy Wilson) death were filmed. It sounds like it was a tough week!

Deidre posted: "It was very difficult to see the killing of Will on air. We all stood paralyzed and fixed on the screen in the make up room. Guy was terrific in his portrayal. Seeing the show on air brought back the terrible sadness we all felt when the scenes were being shot. I have seen him a number of times since he left and am happy to say he is doing well."

Are you going to miss Marlena and Will's relationship? It's nice to see that Deidre and Guy have stayed in touch!

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