'Serial Scoop Now' #22: Noam Ash at Brooklyn Web Fest 2015

Roger Newcomb and Noam Ash
On the latest episode of Serial Scoop Now (1.22), Brooklyn Web Fest co-founder Noam Ash talks about the inspiration behind this weekend's inaugural festival and content creator conference, which was a smashing success packed full of screenings, classes and panels of industry experts.

"There aren't really a ton of opportunities with so many web series out there to get noticed," he explains. "There's so much great content, and we wanted to give a platform to these creators to get their work noticed and to showcase their amazing talent."

Ash is best known for co-creating and starring in the popular web series, My Gay Roommate, which has new episodes in the works.

"I can confirm that there will definitely be more," Ash teases. "All I will say is it's going to be bigger and better than ever before, and we're going to blow your socks off pretty soon."

Watch the Noam Ash interview below:

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