Day of 'Days' Interview: Galen Gering on the Positive New Direction of a 50-Year-Old TV Classic

Galen Gering at the Day of Days event on November 14, 2015 (pictured with Lauren Koslow). Photo Credit: Jessica Weisel
The annual "Day of Days" event was held on Saturday, November 14 at Universal Citywalk. Mandy Lynn Denaux covered the event for Serial Scoop and chatted with the cast of Days of our Lives about the 50th anniversary of the iconic soap opera, and much more. Galen Gering–who plays Rafe Hernandez–shared his thoughts on the positive changes at Days with a new team behind the scenes, and the double-edged sword of social media.

Read the interview below.

SERIAL SCOOP: We know you can’t share too much of the upcoming storyline, but if you had to summarize in one word what your character has been up to, what would that word be?
GALEN GERING: Investigating

SERIAL SCOOP: What has been the biggest shift for you with the regime change?
GALEN GERING There have been many shifts, all of which have been positive for me. It wasn’t positive for everyone, but let’s talk to the positive. One of the things I really love is there is a real cohesive blend between the producing, directing, the acting and the writing. I know my character better than anyone else because I’ve played him for seven years. I know him in and out. I’m the one who sleeps, eats, wakes, you know … every breath I take, I know this guy.  So, if I have an issue with the times I’ll get something that’s written and I’ll say “Hey, you know I think that maybe this this is …” And the writer will say, “Oh, well this is that way for this reason.” And I can say, “Great, thank you.” Or sometimes they’ll say “you know what, maybe you’re right.” So now we have the opportunity to connect that way. Because we move so quickly, I think it’s really important. It’s great. And I think that’s really helped the cohesiveness of the show. And I’m not the only one who can do that, it’s not because I’ve been there … everyone can do that.

Historically, that hasn’t been the case. It was a much more closed-door policy, and while at times that can be good, most of the time it’s not as good. That said, our main producer [Albert Alarr], who sort of acts as a director is also on the floor. So if I have questions, I’m right there with him, as opposed to he’s in some booth so far away. It’s been awesome and I know all the actors really love it. With that said, I have a story now that’s relevant to what’s going on in the show. I’m back on the police force. I’m an intelligent character that’s not pushed to the background. There are so many positive things. I certainly feel blessed to sit here and say that. And most importantly, as we’re in our 50th anniversary now, the show is doing great, ratings wise, which is an important thing to carry on the legacy of the show.

SERIAL SCOOP: If you could play any other character on Days, regardless of age or gender, who would you want to play?
GALEN GERING It would be fun to play a DiMera, because if you play a nice, altruistic character, you probably want to play an a**hole because you don’t normally get to do that. So I would say probably a DiMera. Or Victor Kiriakis, who has some great dialogue. Or maybe a Nicole, who is constantly messing with people and stirring stuff up.

SERIAL SCOOP: Would you be friends with Rafe in real life?
GALEN GERING I would hope so. He’s way more Type A than I, but I’d say so. He’d be a nice ally to have, someone to have in your corner who looks out for people he likes. So I’d say yeah. Maybe not best friends.

SERIAL SCOOP: How has social media changed your experience as an actor?
GALEN GERING It’s sort of a double-edged sword. Because of the fact that we’re so far ahead, it’s hard … like I can’t say much about storyline until it’s aired. And they’ve really cracked down on us. And then you forget. But on the other hand, it’s really great because you can interact with fans. I like to post stuff to social media. But it can be problematic for people if they get really wrapped up in it–like “this person doesn’t like me,” or “this person doesn’t like the story.” People have their own opinions. I like it, I think it’s fun. And I think it’s great for the fans–we don’t tape in front of a live audience, so it’s good that they have a voice.

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