Day of 'Days' Interview: A Martinez on Seeking Atonement and Bringing out Eduardo Hernandez's Charming Side

A Martinez at the Day of Days event on November 14, 2015. Photo Credit: Hilary Winiarz
The annual "Day of Days" event was held on Saturday, November 14 at Universal Citywalk. Mandy Lynn Denaux covered the event for Serial Scoop and chatted with the cast of Days of our Lives about the 50th anniversary of the iconic soap opera, and much more. A Martinez–who plays Eduardo Hernandez–shared his thoughts on working with Josh Griffith and Albert Alarr, the impact of social media, and bringing out his character's charming side.

Read the interview below.

SERIAL SCOOP: We know you can't share too much of the upcoming storyline, but if you had to summarize in one word what your character has been up to, what would that word be?
A MARTINEZ: Seeking atonement.

SERIAL SCOOP: What has been the biggest shift for you with the regime change?
A MARTINEZ: Well, I wasn’t here before, so I have nothing to compare it to, but I've known Josh [Griffith, co-head writer] since he was writing on Santa Barbara, and I always expected that there would be stuff that would be special coming out of that...his sensibility, and I think it's really true. The thing that is so wonderful about it for me is that it feels safe. The room feels safe.

Albert Alarr, who has directed more episodes than anyone [and is now co-executive producer], is on the floor with us, literally day after day after day, so you’re not just communicating over the intercom from the booth. You're actually having someone come up and look you in the face and tell you what they think is going on if there’s a problem. You could argue that that’s almost miraculous, given how little time we have to prepare. It’s kind of absurd really. The fact that it can end up being as good as it's amazing.

SERIAL SCOOP: Would you be friends with Eduardo in real life?
A MARTINEZ: Yeah, but I’m not sure we'd be really good friends. I tend to have an open heart, so I'm pretty much interested in anybody's story. But he's so damaged, such a problematic creature. It might get tiring after a while. The thing is, they told me that he could be charming, which is wonderful as an actor. You know when I played her [Camille Banus] dad on One Life to Live, I was the most charmless character of my career. And it got to the point where even I didn't want to see myself. It was like, "Oh my god, here he comes again." But Eduardo has a certain level of charm that's starting to come out, but there’s always a sense with him, that in the center there's nothing; everything is kind of a show around an empty center. People like that are difficult to depend on and get close to.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Camila Banus, who now stars as Gabi Hernandez on Days of our Lives, previously played Lola Montez on One Life to Live (2008-2009). A Martinez portrayed her father, Ray.

SERIAL SCOOP: If you could play any other character on Days, regardless of age or gender, who would you want to play?
A MARTINEZ: Chad. But I'd want to do it the way Billy Flynn does it, which I'm not sure I could do. The kind of miraculous stuff he does, it's pretty special.

SERIAL SCOOP: How has social media changed your experience as an actor?
A MARTINEZ: Social media has changed my life and everybody's life. I can't believe what a blessing it is. I love it. Like the character I play on Longmire (Jacob Nighthorse), people think he's loathsome, but I love the opportunity social media gives me to explain him.

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