Day of 'Days' Interview: Mary Beth Evans Is Having Fun at 'Days of our Lives'

Mary Beth Evans at the Day of Days event on November 14, 2015. Photo Credit: Jessica Weisel
The annual "Day of Days" event was held on Saturday, November 14 at Universal Citywalk. Mandy Lynn Denaux covered the event for Serial Scoop and chatted with the cast of Days of our Lives about the 50th anniversary of the iconic soap opera, and much more. Mary Beth Evans–who plays Kayla Brady Johnson–shared her thoughts on her character, backstage changes, and the show's milestone anniversary.

Read our interview below:

SERIAL SCOOP: We know you can’t share too much of the upcoming storyline, but if you had to summarize in one word what your character has been up to, what would that word be?
MARY BETH EVANS: Roller coaster.

SERIAL SCOOP: What has been the biggest shift for you with the regime change?
MARY BETH EVANS: Well, I’m working a lot more, which is so much fun for me. And I always wholeheartedly go into whatever they give me, whether being it’s the doctor around town or whatever. But to have him back [points to Stephen Nichols, who plays Steve], I think what I think I do best on Days, what I like best, is heartfelt stories. He and I have that in spades, so to have that back is a gift. But, it’s a lot of memorizing. That’s the hardest thing. If you work more than a day or two a week, the memorizing is so much. That’s the burden.

SERIAL SCOOP: If you were given the opportunity to play any other character on the show, regardless of age or gender, who would you want to play?
MARY BETH EVANS: I think Kate, only because I want her wardrobe. I love her wardrobe. She puts a lot of it together herself; she’s got a real style about her. I always say to Richard [Bloore], the costumer, I want to dress like her. She has her whole rack and she puts stuff together. I think her vibe is fabulous.

SERIAL SCOOP: How does social media impact your experience as an actor?
MARY BETH EVANS: Last Thanksgiving, my daughter said do Instagram because it’s just pictures, and that’s okay. I’d never had Facebook or whatever. So when I started, my kids and my nephew would send me instructions–you’ve got to put a hashtag with that or don’t put a space there–so there was a learning curve. I still like Instagram better, and I tweet through that more than I actually use Twitter. I like it though. I really actually think about what to post. Like the day I did all the cake shots. I think that’s the one thing we don’t get enough of, enough chance to do, is the humor.

SERIAL SCOOP: Would you be friends with Kayla in real life?
MARY BETH EVANS: Oh, totally. She’s my kind of girl. She’s nice, she means well. People were saying recently, "Has Kayla been too bitchy?" But she’s mad; people can be mad. It’s a betrayal, not like he cheated on me, but he ditched me. I don’t think she should welcome him back, "Oh hi, welcome back. You left me in Africa with your son while you went on some spy trip." [Laughs as she hears herself] I think that’s a common thing women say to their husbands, "...when you were on your spy trip with the ISA." [Laughs]

SERIAL SCOOP: Is there anything else you’d like to add?
MARY BETH EVANS: Just that it’s been so fun. It’s been such a party. There’s such a buzz and that’s been really fun. And the people who are there now–Albert Alarr and Josh Griffith, and having Stephen back–everybody is just so into it and that’s fun. I’ve been there in certain years when the morale hasn’t been so good.

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