Day of 'Days' Interview: Wally Kurth Honored To Be Back at 'Days of our Lives' for the 50th Anniversary

Wally Kurth at the Day of Days event on November 14, 2015. Pictured with Judi Evans, who plays Adrienne. Photo Credit: Jessica Weisel
The annual "Day of Days" event was held on Saturday, November 14 at Universal Citywalk. Mandy Lynn Denaux covered the event for Serial Scoop and chatted with the cast of Days of our Lives about the 50th anniversary of the iconic soap opera, and much more. Wally Kurth–who plays Justin Kiriakis–shared his thoughts on being back for the milestone, playing a bad guy, and using social media.

Read our interview below:

SERIAL SCOOP: So how is it being here for the 50th? Great time?
WALLY KURTH: They wanted to bring me back…and with Peter [Reckell, who plays Bo] and Stephen [Nichols, who plays Steve] being a part of this new thing, I love it. I’m honored.

SERIAL SCOOP I loved you on GH. I love Lisa [LoCicero, who plays Olivia on General Hospital] and I loved you with her. [Kurth shakes his head in agreement]  But don’t get me wrong, I love you on Days too.
WALLY KURTH No, I feel the same way. I told them, "Look, I would really like to continue to do both." That was my first response, you know? I said, "Is there any way? I really like what I am doing." I thought I was doing pretty good work. It really made me focus. And not much down time, you know?

SERIAL SCOOP: If you had the opportunity to play a different character on the show, regardless of gender or age, who would you like to play?

WALLY KURTH: Character? I would say it would have to be a bad person. I feel like I am never really bad. I was talking to Robert [Scott Wilson] about Ben, and playing a crazy, bad guy. He’s doing a great job. So, I don’t know who that crazy person would be for me, maybe Ben.  I feel that would be a real test. Because youI are so used to just playing a real, sympathetic character who you understand and apply yourself to everything they do.  How in the world do you understand that?

SERIAL SCOOP: Social media. How do you feel about that? The interaction–are you cool with it? Do you like the immediacy?
WALLY KURTH: I do. I don’t mind that. I like Twitter. I watch Twitter. I follow Twitter. Because I also follow a lot of news organizations so I get my news that way. A lot of political things that go down day to day. All the soap stuff. I do find that I tweet more about General Hospital because the stories were more current, and I know something that is coming up in three weeks so I can somewhat kind of massage the story and things I was seeing because it was more immediate. I don’t find myself doing that as much with Days because I know in five months it is not coming out. I know where it’s heading. It’s much more about the show.

But I like Twitter. I have a woman who does my Facebook fan page. I love that, and I will come in and comment on stuff. So I think that’s great. People like to comment. I think that is nice. I can also release songs on the fan page or on Twitter. I can keep people up with what I am doing.

SERIAL SCOOP: Would you be friends with Justin in real life?
WALLY KURTH: Yeah, because I like everybody! [Laughs] He’s a little cocky, full of himself, you know? Confident. I don't mind confidence but yeah, I would be friends with him.

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