LMN Movie ''Maid For Murder' Premieres Tonight, Stars Devin Kelley, Marianne Farley, Aaron Ashmore

Courtesy LMN
LMN Movie Maid For Murder premieres on Sunday, December 6 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. The film stars Devin Kelley as Morgan (Resurrection), Marianne Farley as Gabby (Heroes Reborn), and Aaron Ashmore as Nick (Warehouse 13).

Meet Morgan. At first glance, she's just your average cleaning lady. She has no problem getting her hands dirty, which is a good thing considering it's not fancy houses she cleans for a living - it's gruesome crime scenes. It's at one of these scenes that Morgan discovers a key piece of evidence overlooked by the forensics team. This, and her knack for reading blood splatter, catch Nick's attention, a newbie detective working the case. The pair soon become unofficial partners on what's become a stream of related murders and the closer they get to solving the mystery the closer they get to each other. But while they succeed in getting a confession from their primary suspect, their feelings for each other risk blinding them to the truth and they find themselves dangerously close to the real killer.

Maid For Murder was written by Doug Barber and James Phillips and directed by Michel Poulette.

The Film was previously known as Swept Under.

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