February Sweeps Spoilers for 'The Bold and the Beautiful'

The latest issue of Soap Opera Digest gives us a taste of what to expect during the month of February on The Bold and the Beautiful. Are you looking forward to what is coming up? Sound off below!

* Quinn is in way over her head with the Liam situation, and things spiral in one direction and then another.

* We get a glimpse of what Quinn's childhood was like, which may explain what makes her tick.

* Steffy and Wyatt continue to draw closer, and Steffy makes a move that she may or may not regret down the road.

* Bill struggles to convince Katie that he wants only her, but she isn't convinced.

* Katie takes what she has learned and loathed about Brooke and Bill, and searches for her own relief.

* Sasha tells Julius she is staying in Los Angeles, and sets her sights on Zende.

* While Nicole and Zende work through their issues, Sasha is ready to replace Nicole in Zende's heart and bed.

* Ridge returns to town and plans to take back the Forrester mansion.

* Ridge and Rick are at war again, and Eric is caught in the middle.

* Ridge wants Maya's portrait taken down from "his" house.

* Look for the sex of Ridge and Caroline's baby to be revealed this February, as they continue to keep their secret.

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