February Sweeps Spoilers For 'Days of Our Lives'

The latest issue of Soap Opera Digest gives us a taste of what to expect during the month of February on Days of our Lives. Are you looking forward to what is coming up? Sound off below!

*Chad presents Abby with a ring!

*Steve is blackmailed into sleeping with Ava if he wants Kayla home safe.

*Steve and Ava search for their son, but get devastating news.

*Brady searches for the mystery woman in his dreams, and finds Dario Hernandez, now played by Jordi Vilasuso. Serial Scoop first broke the news of his casting back in August.

*Marie Wilson arrives as Summer.

*Ciara is torn between Chase and Theo, but a devastating event changes everything.

*Shawn and Belle clash when Belle uses Sami’s money to buy a club for Claire to sing in.

*Shawn and Belle continue to grow apart.

*Nicole, Brady, and Theresa start a new company when Basic Black isn’t a success.

*Andre befriends Chase hoping to use him to hurt Hope.

*Rafe and Hope continue to hide their part in Stefano’s murder.

*Philip gets in over his head with Deimos, and Victor is furious when he learns of his son's betrayal.

*Eric and Jennifer are drawn together as they battle their addictions

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