February Sweeps Spoilers For 'The Young and the Restless'

The latest issue of Soap Opera Digest gives us a taste of what to expect during the month of February on The Young and the Restless. Are you looking forward to what is coming up? Sound off below!

* Dr. Anderson's secrets are exposed, but new mysteries surrounding these secrets are exposed.

* Billy vows to win Victoria back, but will be blow it?

* Hilary realizes that Devon is the love of her life.

* Hilary's old scheming side comes to the surface, and Neil may be one of her first victims.

* Abby continues to find herself in trouble.

* Noah, and what he did to Billy, becomes a major part of Adam's story.

* Adam's conflict with Luca will reach a zenith.

* Adam tries to protect Noah from losing everything

* Phyllis plans to destroy Victor once and for all!

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