Matt Cohen Joins General Hospital As Dr. Griffin Munro. WIll Elizabeth Webber Find True Love?

As previously reported, Matt Cohen has joined the cast of ABC soap opera General Hospital as Dr. Griffin Munro. Soaps In Depth is reporting that the actor started taping a couple of weeks ago, but details about his character are being kept hush hush for now.

Cohen starred as Aiden Dennison in South of Nowhere. His other credits include How to Get Away with Murder, 90210, Rockville CA and Supernatural.

Cohen will debut as Dr. Munro on GH during the first week of February.

But the question remains, which lucky lady is going to enjoy what Dr. Munro has to offer? I think it's time that Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) ends her obsession with Jason Morgan (Billy Miller), and sets her sights on the sexy new doctor in town.

Herbst is a a beautiful, talented, and popular actress who seems to always get the short end of the stick. She is what I like to call a chemistry magnet, she creates chemistry with any man she is paired with. So why is this character always dumped on? It's time for that to change. Herbst and the viewers deserve more.

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