Indie Series Awards Spotlight: Best Original Song

The new Best Original Song category features music from Hart of America, Life of Matt, New Mayor of New York, Or So the Story Goes, Redheads Anonymous and The Under 5ers.
The 7th Annual Indie Series Awards ceremony is only 38 days away. As the countdown to ISA7 continues, Serial Scoop is shining a spotlight on the nominees in each category. Today we look at a brand new category this year, Best Original Song, which had many, many wonderful submissions. Check out the final six nominees below.

"Hold On To Your Heart" by Kevin Gillese, Chris Rittelmeyer & Benjamin Scott Holst, Hart of America (starts at 0:13)

"Sooner or Later" by Tim Bader, Life of Matt (starts at 2:35)

"All Alone, Brutus and Caesar" by Ethan Slater & Isaac Jay, New Mayor of New York (starts at 1:06)

"Happily Ever After" by Judith Avers, Or So the Story Goes (starts at 0:33)

"Redheads Unite!" by Sam Carner & Derek Gregor, Redheads Anonymous (starts at 5:58)

"Sexy, Suave, and Single" by Sami Horneff, The Under 5ers (starts at 2:36)

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