Lars Slind to Appear on 'Days of our Lives' Today

Actor Lars Slind: Photo Credit Carlos Arias
Actor Lars Slind (The Cavanaughs) will appear on the February 4 episode of Days of our Lives. Slind has been cast in the role of Dean.

"He is a likable character if not perfect," Slind revealed to Serial Scoop.  "Not the brightest tool in the shed and a bit of a hot head, but he has feelings. You'll see him fumble and stumble through greetings and a romantic scenario. Apparently working as a corrections officer doesn't require the greatest mental facilities."

Also in today's episode of Days, JJ (Casey Moss) comes to Gabi's (Camila Banus) rescue when she needs it most. Will Dean be interacting with this twosome? Stay tuned!

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