Is 'The Bold and the Beautiful' Heading to Australia?

Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images 
The Bold and the Beautiful is known for its beautiful location shoots all around the world, and now it looks like Australia is their next destination.

According to MSN.Com, the long-running TV soap The Bold and The Beautiful is in talks with Qantas to bring the hugely popular series to Australia.

A CBS spokesperson told AAP the show would be going to Australia, they just weren't sure when it would happen.

"We are going to Australia that's for sure. We are just not sure when. We will send a location scout and write the story about the destination. We are looking for iconic, interesting historic authentic locations."

Reportedly, Producers told AAP they were not sure how long the show would stay down under.

"It's all about the story. It depends on the storyline."

"We are thinking about Budapest, Poland and Flemish Belgium. But the only one that's sure is Australia. We don't know when it will happen. It may be 2017."

Australian actress Ashleigh Brewer is a key member of The Bold and the Beautiful cast as Ivy Forrester It is safe to assume she would be involved in the potential location shoot. Who else would you like to see down under? Sound off below!

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