Rena Sofer Delivers Magnificent Performance as Quinn Fuller on 'The Bold and the Beautiful'

Rena Sofer Shines as Quinn on The Bold and the Beautiful
On Monday’s episode of the Bold and the Beautiful, Rena Sofer proved once again she is one of the finest actresses in the soap opera genre. In a sequence of scenes that she shared with the equally talented Scott Clifton, she zoomed to new heights in her portrayal of Quinn Fuller

Quinn opened up to Liam about her painful childhood. She explained that her parents used to tell her she was inconvenient, and that it was her most outstanding trait. As a young girl, she recalled catching her mother with a man, who then bolted when she arrived. Her mom exploded at young Quinn, “Now look what you did, what kind of life can I have with you around?”

Quinn told Liam, “My mother never really wanted to have any children. It wasn’t her thing. She used to call me a little witch. She used to say; she would ask me, why were you ever born?”

Quinn revealed that she had never told this story before, and we know it was her growing feelings for Liam that allowed her to open up to him.

As the episode came to a close, Deacon (Sean Kanan) arrived on the scene and discovered Liam in Quinn’s bedroom. Quinn was horrified, and I was horrified for her.
The gig was up for Quinn
I can’t say enough positive things about Sofer. This is an actress who always manages to infuse Quinn with believability and sexuality, and now we are seeing a whole new dimension of her acting talent.

Here is someone who can horrify me, terrify me, and make me root for her all at the same time. Her performance was all in her eyes. The vulnerability she showed mesmerized me.

She didn’t need to emote; she was completely in the moment. Sofer is bringing spiritual and psychological depth to a story that could make some viewers run for the hills. For me, I want to stay with her throughout this whole climb. Rena Sofer is the real deal.

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