Shining Star: Kyler Pettis Shines as Theo Carver on 'Days of our Lives'

Kyler Pettis as Theo Carver on Days of our Lives
Once in awhile an actor transcends his role. Kyler Pettis has achieved that as Theo Carver on Days of our Lives. It is not easy playing an autistic character on a daytime soap, but Pettis manages to accomplish this with ease. He imbues Theo with a rich tapestry of color, and a depth of character awareness and understanding beyond expectations. 

On the February 3 episode of Days, Theo learned that Chase Jennings (Jonathon McClendon) was the one who had been threatening him with malicious texts.

Theo lashed out at Chase, but unlike many actors in soaps, his anger was contained. He managed to convey heartbreak and outrage all at once.

Later, as Ciara (Vivian Jovanni,) tried to calm Theo down, he looked at her with pure love. Although Ciara only sees Theo as a friend right now, how could she not fall for her beautiful friend?

Pettis is a dynamic, sensitive actor who is clearly going places. Days of our Lives and his growing fan base is lucky to have him.

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