Would You Accept a Recast For Abigail Deveraux on 'Days of our Lives'?

Kate Mansi will soon depart the role of Abby on DAYS
In November, Days of our Lives put out a casting notice for the character of "Val". The character was described at the time as a gorgeous, 25-year-old Caucasian female, who is "passionate, intelligent and sensitive. Val blows into town in a whirlwind… She appears successful on the outside, a girl who seems to have it all but … at times she has a fragility and [vulnerability] that gives us the feeling of a painful past that she desperately wants to keep secret." The show has released a new casting notice for a character with the same name but now with a modified description.

When the initial casting call first went out, I was aware that Mansi was departing her popular role of Abby. Although the description of the character didn't match with what we knew about the character, I assumed this was a recast for Abby.

It now seems safe to assume, that the character indeed will be recast.

According to Soap Opera Digest, "Val" is now a 24 to 28-year-old who is described as "a gorgeous young professional. Val has already experienced great love and great loss in her young life which has left her strong spirit with a fragility she passionately protects. She has a determination to live and love as fearlessly as she can in the wake of all she has been through.”

Days is seeking "VERY VERY STRONG ACTORS,” for the role, which is currently recurring with the possibility of going contract. The call also reads, "PLEASE DO NOT RESUBMIT ACTORS ALREADY SEEN FOR VAL ROLE IN DECEMBER.”

Kate Mansi will last air as Abigail Deveraux in May, and it's looking more and more like "Val" is indeed an Abby recast.

Would you be able to accept a new Abby? Kate Mansi and Billy Flynn have extraordinary chemistry as Abby and Chad, and I wouldn't want to lose this love story. Flynn is more than capable of working with a new actress and recreating the Chad and Abby magic.

What do you think? Do you want Abby recast, or do you want to see the sexy Chad with a new woman? Sound off below!

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