Dr. Marlena Evans Saves the Day on 'Days of our Lives'

Days of our lives - Dr. Marlena Evans Saves the Day!
By Carolyn LeVine Topol

Tuesday’s episode of Days of our Lives brought us to a major story climax. The Salem “cavalry” is poised to save the day. The surprising twist — it includes the toughest psychiatrist imaginable, Dr. Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall). Despite objections from rescue team leaders, Rafe Hernandez and Steve Johnson (Galen Gering and Stephen Nichols), Marlena insists on participating, unable to rest until her ‘husband’, John Black (Drake Hogestyn), is safe.

Deidre Hall as Dr. Marlena Evans
Dressed all in black, not only does Marlena look incredible, but she’s ready for action. Unexpectedly showing up on the scene, Steve and Rafe reluctantly accept her participation, giving Marlena a weapon. In response to their concerns, Marlena, rightfully, insists she has been through more difficult spots than this (I would imagine far more often than both Steve & Rafe combined). As viewers can attest to, Marlena Evans has survived, and successfully worked her way out of much more challenging encounters than this during her years in Salem.

Viewers quickly get a bird’s eye view as to why savvy Marlena was needed. Before reaching their goal, Marlena first saves Steve, who is nearly taken out of action by a member of the enemy’s security team. Without missing a beat, Marlena silently and strategically cold-cocked the thug and then continued on the mission.

Christopher Sean as Paul with Deidre Hall as Marlena
There is no question Marlena can hold her own in any situation. Fortunately, she was on hand to comfort and support John’s son, Paul Narita (Christopher Sean), who was rescued while in the process of being brainwashed. Having a super-hero psychiatrist on a team can come in handy.

Dr. Evans’s finest qualities are her inner strength and determination, coupled with her ability to repress her fear when necessary. Without her on the rescue team, the entire mission might very well have fallen apart.

Let’s face it — Dr. Marlena Evans can ‘kick butt” better than anyone in Salem!

Here’s one big question — why was she referred to as John’s “woman”? Marlena Evans is her own woman — one viewers can admire and respect. The reference to her as John’s woman, more than once, was enough to rattle any fan. Marlena had enough class not make an issue of it, but no hero should be referred to as someone else’s possession.

Dr. Evans has, does, and will continue to stand on her own two feet. She loves John and her family, and is fiercely loyal to her friends, but tempers these relationships with an ardent, independent persona.
Deidre Hall as Marlena
No one should ever diminish Marlena Evans. The “Queen of the Night” can hold her own with anyone, in any situation. Forget Wonder Woman — Days fans have Dr. Marlena Evans!

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