Fiona Gubelmann Stars in “Mommy's Little Girl” Premiering Saturday, March 19 on Lifetime

Fiona Gubelmann
Fans of the cult classic, “The Bad Seed,” will settle down on their couches with a big bowl of popcorn to watch “Mommy’s Little Girl,” premiering on Saturday, March 19 at 8pm ET/PT on Lifetme.

Fiona Gubelmann (“Wilfred,” “Telenovela”) plays Theresa, a young woman who lost her husband shortly after they were married. Left with an infant to care for, she felt ill-equipped so she left Sadie in the care of her paternal grandmother, unaware that the bitter, resentful woman isolated the girl, and home schooled her, never allowing Sadie to socialize with other children.

When the two are finally reunited, 10-year-old Sadie is thrilled to leave behind the life she hated to begin a new life with her mother and soon-to-be stepfather, Aaron, (James Gallanders, “The Kennedys”). But Sadie’s dream is far from coming true. Although her intentions are good, her skewed perception of the world and her inability to distinguish right from wrong will ultimately prevent her from having the life she so badly desires.

Determined to keep her mother happy and not go back to her grandmother’s house, Sadie takes extreme measures to eliminate each problem and convince Theresa she is the “perfect” child.

“Mommy’s Little Girl,” is executive produced by Pierre David, Tom Berry and Neil Bregman. Producers are Donald M. Osborne and Curtis James Crawford.

The film was written by Christine Conradt, Mark Sanderson and Crawford. Director is Curtis Crawford.

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