Five Characters Who NEED Storylines on 'General Hospital'

Five Characters Who NEED Storylines on General Hospital
By Carolyn LeVine Topol

Characters on soap operas cycle through their storylines. They are involved in a major drama, deal with all the fallout, and then see it to its conclusion. Some stories last longer than others and, generally, when the arc is complete, the central character(s) has a pause in his/her turmoil. However, the characters below have been off the front burner for far too long.

Genie Francis as Laura Spencer.
Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) - Veteran General Hospital actor, Genie Francis, is a strong actress who has demonstrated her ability to carry the most dramatic storylines. As Laura Spencer, there is no doubt Genie still has all the passion and moxie needed to hold her own with any curve ball thrown her character’s way. However, all we have seen recently is Laura as the supportive, advice-doling mother to Nikolas and Lulu. Laura was the woman who joined Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary) and Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) to save the world and now we see her passively venturing from Wyndemere to lunch at the Metro Court and home again. I can only hope the key bequeathed to her by Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers) unlocks an exciting new storyline for the very underutilized talent.

Kristina Wagner as Felicia with Kirsten Storms as Maxie
Felicia Scorpio (Kristina Wagner) - Felicia captured our hearts as the young woman who had to masquerade as a young boy to hide in plain sight when she first arrived in Port Charles. In a short period of time, Felicia developed from ingénue to powerful woman. Her adventures, including discovery of an Aztec treasure as well as joining Robert Scorpio and Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) in several WSB adventures, were only matched by her fierce love of her husband(s) and children. Savvy, quick-witted Felicia should be playing a more prominent role in Anna’s storyline, if not one of her own. I wouldn’t mind seeing Felicia find her way to removing the current mayor and taking her rightful office. It certainly seems surprising that, even at Robin Scorpio’s (Kimberly McCullough) wedding, Felicia was relegated to a role marginally more than a nameless guest. Please let us see self-assured, Felicia, enjoy a more active role in Port Charles.

Ryan Carnes as Dr. Lucas Jones
Lucas Jones (Ryan Carnes) - Now that Dr. Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) has moved across the country, apart from Dr. Monica Quartermaine (Leslie Charleson), Lucas is the doctor audiences are most familiar with at General Hospital. Unfortunately, we rarely get to see Lucas there, or anywhere of late. Although he was the best man at his birth father, Julian Jerome’s (William deVry), wedding, there seems to be little focus on Lucas himself. For a character who survived a difficult coming out storyline and learning his birth father is a mobster, Lucas seems to currently be leading a very uneventful life in Port Charles. Viewers know the newest doctor in the city, Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen), is a friend of Lucas’s, and fiancé, Brad Cooper (Parry Shen), is free to marry him, having gained his much-desired divorce. It would seem that between these two occurrences, coupled with his ex-mob boss father, Lucas would be involved in many active storylines. With the potential for the character of Lucas Jones, I hope we get to see much more from him soon.

Parry Shen as Brad Cooper with Ryan Carnes as Lucas
Brad Cooper (Parry Shen) - Parry has created the role of complex, funny, and heartwarming lab technician, Brad Cooper. His previous antics have been central in several storylines, yet the mystery behind his in-name-only marriage, a promising plot twist, has fallen by the wayside. In fact, viewers have seen so little of Brad, it appeared he had moved away from Port Charles. Now that fans know he has succeeded in gaining his divorce, enabling him to marry fiancé, Lucas Jones, we still have been denied any consequential screen time. It would be a huge asset to reignite the Brad/Lucas (“Brucas”) storyline and allow the audience to see these two finally marry — they have been engaged longer than most real life couples, let alone those in the soap opera world.

Kirsten Storms as Maxie with Kristina Wagner as Felicia
Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) - Kirsten has been a familiar, and welcome, face on more than one soap opera. She has developed the character of Maxie, bringing her to the status of playful, independent, and competent young woman. As the daughter of Felicia and Frisco Jones, Maxie would certainly have more than enough energy to take on a variety of challenges in Port Charles. From the humor and excitement of her non-marriage to Spinelli to the depth of emotions Maxie displayed as she fought for custody of her daughter, Maxie has proven herself to be a person to be respected. Maxie has now earned the position of assistant to Crimson’s new editor, Nina Lansing (Michelle Stafford). Unfortunately, all viewers see Maxie doing lately is supporting family and friends in whatever drama or tragedy they are experiencing—a younger version of Laura’s apparent role these days. It’s time for Maxie to get her own storyline once again. I’ve missed her as the petite force-to-be-reckoned-with woman who is a joy to watch.

Who do you think needs a story on General Hospital?  We would love to hear your thoughts.

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