Guy Wilson Isn't Returning to 'Days of our Lives' at This Time

Guy Wilson
Serial Scoop has received a deluge of emails asking when we plan to announce that Guy Wilson is returning to Days of our Lives. Below is a sample of these emails:

Is Guy Wilson's return announcement getting closer or is it before the Olympics?

Did you hear about Guy Wilson returning to Days. I have actually been hearing about it for a while now but I wasn't so sure. I'm sure that he's returning now. When will someone announce it.

I have been hearing that Guy Wilson is returning to Days of our lives near the same time Freddie Smith returns onscreen. I had already heard things about a possible return for him instead of Chandler Massey for awhile now but now more people are saying he is returning. There has also been hints from actors that work on the show. I guess I wanted to know when were you guys going to announce his return.

I have been hearing rumors about Guy Wilson returning to Days. Dont know if it's true or not but there has been a couple of hints for the last two months. Its been rumored that Chandler Massey is returning but I think it's Guy instead. I think Deimos has Will somewhere but that's because VI [Vincent Irizarry] and GW followed each other out of the blue before the 5 week break. Also VJ [Vivian Jovanni] followed Guy too. Plus we know how good GW is at keeping secrets. I think that's why Freddie Smith returned. They filmed a WilSon reunion. Also, an inside source has me believing Will returns to Days around summer and that it's GW Will.

It's getting closer to Guy Wilson's return announcement. I wonder if he's gonna announce it this week or later on.

Give a blind item about Guy Wilson's return to days. Also include how Will is returning from the dead.

Guy Wilson returns to days. Will returns from the dead!!!

I reached out to a DAYS spokesperson and was told that Guy Wilson isn't returning to Days of our Lives at this time. While Guy Wilson is not, currently, working on any daytime dramas, he is preparing to head to South Africa in the next few months, as a new indie film he co-wrote will be heading into production.

Best to Guy, and the entire cast and crew, on this new project.

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