'Hit The Floor' - Why Jude & Zero Are the New “It” Couple

Hit The Floor - Why Jude & Zero Are the New "It" Couple
By Carolyn LeVine Topol

Photo Credit:VHI
The original series, Hit the Floor, is now in its third season. Created by James LaRosa, this innovative show, that airs on VH1, started out as a whodunit with a twist. Hit The Floor revolves around an ensemble of bold characters. All of whom are somehow associated with the fictional pro basketball team, the LA Devils, and their cheerleaders, the Devil Girls. The show started out with a quiet entrance onto the primetime scene, but due to extensive word-of-mouth praise on social media it has flourished.

In addition to a cast of characters who include ruthless, and extremely competitive team owners, players, and cheerleaders, one storyline has garnered a great deal of attention. The unexpected “It” couple on HTF, who more and more viewers tune in to see is made up of sports agent, Jude (Brent Antonello), and Devils star player, Zero (Adam Senn).

Adam Senn and Brent Antonello as Zero and Jude: Photo Credit VH1
Jude, a young man looking for his ideal partner, falls for the closeted Zero. Ironically, one of their most intense sex scenes, which was groundbreaking on primetime, non-subscription, TV, took place in a closet. The message is not lost on devoted fans hoping for the pair to find happiness. Not only do Jude and Zero, known by the portmanteau “Zude”, have explosive physical chemistry, but the audience can’t miss the developing emotions they share.

James LaRosa seems to have found the formula to make the show’s expanding audience want to see this couple find comfort, passion, understanding, and most of all love. We have witnessed them go from two men finding themselves at odds with their opposing relationship goals, to two men who have found their way to loving each other openly and as honestly as possible.
Adam Senn and Brent Antonello as Zero and Jude: Photo Credit VH1
There is still a way to go for this couple to find their true center. As season three progresses, Jude and Zero appear to be working in tandem to explore a lasting partnership. However, despite their progress, Zude still has many hurdles ahead. As a fan I look forward to watching them all.

The challenge for Zero, maintaining his status as a world class athlete who is out, while beginning to make peace with his childhood in foster care, is bound to throw more than one roadblock in this couple’s path. While Jude is less physically experienced, he is still the far more mature of the two. Jude’s greatest challenge will be to maintain his own integrity and sanity, while dealing with Zero’s moments of fear and denial, periodically talking him through each new obstacle. In other words, Jude is both Zero’s lover and his conscience — a huge responsibility to undertake.

Brent Antonello and Adam Senn as Jude and Zero: Photo Credit VH1
The undeniable chemistry, both emotionally and physically, between Jude and Zero has enabled this couple to develop a huge following, equal to or greater than every other pairing on Hit The Floor.

I may not be part of the Devil Girls, but I’ve created my own cheer when viewing HTF — “Zude Forever, Zude Forever, Yes, Yes, Yes!” The only thing missing for this this new “It” couple is their time on screen. I would love to see them get more airtime! They have earned it and deserve it!

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