Ken Corday Speaks Out On Changes at 'Days of our Lives'

Ken Corday
In the newest issue of Soap Opera Digest, Executive Producer Ken Corday opened up about the recent changes at Days of Our Lives. Co-Headwriter Josh Griffith is out, and staff writer Ryan Quan is his replacement. He will be teamed with Dena Higley, who remains with Days

"Josh chose to move on and write his next novel and we decided to promote from within and bring Ryan Quan up," explains Corday. "He and Dena will write the show. I have seen the story they have and am very excited for it to air. The shows from this new regime will not start airing until after the Olympics, in late August. We need to do something big to jump-start the show in August after the Olympic break, which we will do.

Corday really appreciates the impact Griffith had at DAYS, "I wrote him a two-page letter just thanking him for basically pulling us out of the bubbling pot. The show was about to go over the edge, into the abyss, and he and Dena together pulled us out and made the anniversary show in November a big show and made a lot of story from that. They did it right. They turned the show around. The audience for the show grew 50 percent in the demographic and that is huge. For any show to do that over a year is pretty big these days. He is to be greatly commended for doing that."

Will there be any changes with the new team in place? "Not major changes," Corday demurs. "Some are developing as we speak."

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