Logan Browning Dishes 'Baby Mama Drama' on 'Hit the Floor' (Exclusive Video)

Logan Browning as Jelena Howard in Hit the Floor
In VH1's hit series Hit the Floor, Logan Browning plays Jelena Howard, a woman who will do anything to make it to the top. She is now engaged to her true love Terrence (Robert Christopher Riley), but trouble has arrived in the form of a woman claiming to be the mother of Terrence's child. How will Jelena deal with this bump in the road? Serial Scoop caught up with the delightful and talented Browning to get the details on this latest twist.

SERIAL SCOOP: You are so nice. What does it take for you to embrace Jelena’s nasty side?
LOGAN BROWNING: See, I don’t consider her a nasty person. I just think she is a strong individual who has a very particular personality. She’s headstrong. We’ve seen Jelena’s backstory, so you’ve seen why she is the way she is. We have seen why she treats other weak women the way she does. She doesn’t let people run all over her. She saw that her whole life. She decided to make her own life for herself in order to not get left behind. The way I embrace it is, I have [creator-exec producer] James LaRosa and all of the writers constantly giving me references and influences. If I do a scene they may give me a little whisper in the ear and say, “This is actually why she is doing it.” So it’s not something I do on my own in terms of embracing it.

Lynn Whitfield 
SERIAL SCOOP: You mentioned Jelena’s backstory, which is so connected to her mother, Vanessa (Lynn Whitfield). You worked so well together. What was it like to work with her and develop that relationship?
LOGAN BROWNING: Lynn is a legend. She’s so easy to work with, because she is so obviously good. She’s warm, and when I work with her, she’s a giving actor. She’s so giving -- she is always wanting to run through the scenes. She generously asked me if I would like her advice or opinion on something, which I’m like, “Yeah, Lynn Whitfield, I would love your advice.” [Laughs] She’s such a sweet soul. We all see her play these big female characters, but she is such a sweet woman. She’s got a child-like sort of soul. I still can’t believe she played my mom and I worked with her. I’m pinching myself.

SERIAL SCOOP: Those scenes between Jelena and her mother did help us understand why Jelena is the way she is.
LOGAN BROWNING: I’m grateful that Jelena’s had the opportunity for everyone else to see why she is who she is. And to see why Terrence sticks with her. He gets her more than anybody else does. You saw that when he talked with Sloane (Kimberly Elise), even though she wasn’t buying it. People always wonder why does Terrence stay with Jelena. I see this other woman. I see this strong woman who has been through so much. Who doesn’t want a support system like Jelena? I want Jelena on my side.

SERIAL SCOOP: [laughs] I would too. I feel like Jelena always comes so close to getting what she wants, and then something gets in the way. What do you think she wants more than anything in life?
LOGAN BROWNING: Her dream is for the two of them [Terrence and Jelena] to be the King and Queen of the entire professional basketball world. Not just the Devils, but that whole basketball world. She sees them as key players. They own the arena. Who thought in Season One, the captain of The Devil Girls was going to go for that? She sees all of these possibilities in line with what she already has, and I think the sky's the limit for her. I think she wants to get as much as she can get.

SERIAL SCOOP: Can Jelena and Terrence make their relationship work? We have Baby Mama Drama!
LOGAN BROWNING: [laughs] Oh my God. When I first read that, I was like, “What the hell you guys? Why does Jelena have to deal with this?" It’s the last thing I wanted Jelena to deal with. But it happens. It’s true, and it’s honest. I’m trying not to say too much. Jelena is going to go to extensive measures to make sure that her fairytale isn't tainted. So, take that as you want. She is going to work as hard as she can to make that possible.

In this exclusive scene, Jelena says a baby makes her and Terrence stereotypes and that it's an inconvenience, but Terrence disagrees. With or without a blood test, Jelena says the baby isn't Terrence's.

Hit the Floor airs Monday Nights at 10/9c on VH1.

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