Wally Kurth: I Have Room for 'Bold and Beautiful' if They're Interested!

Wally Kurth     Courtesy: NBC/Chris Haston
In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, Wally Kurth talks about his return to General Hospital as Ned Ashton, what the future holds for Justin on Days of our Lives, and his desire to work on both shows as long as he can.

The actor tells Digest about his return to GH, "I have to say, it's very nice. It really is. You know, there's not many of us left. Us old vets that can bounce back. I think it says a lot about the fans who follow the show and who are loyal to the show. The Quartermaines are a core family and there's not that many of us left. I'm very happy to step back in as one of the Quartermaine characters and try to breathe some life into the Quartermaine mansion. When I walk back onstage, as far as I'm concerned, I'm never going to leave. I told Frank [Valentini, executive producer], 'Honestly, I won't leave unless you ask me to leave because I'm here to stay as long as I possibly can.'

Kurth believes he still has a future with DAYS, "This was told to me by Gary Tomlin [former head writer/co-executive producer] in 2009 when I first reappeared after 19 years: It was actually Dena's [Higley, co-head writer] idea to bring back Justin as an attorney. They needed a lawyer on the show, and she remembered me and remembered Justin and Adrienne (Judi Evans) and she must have liked me. So the fact that Dena's there, I think, bodes well for both Justin and Adrienne. She knows those characters and I think she has an affinity for them and now that she's working with Ryan [Quan, co-head writer] I have a feeling she's going to at least get Justin and Adrienne some storyline. That's my thought and I have a feeling that's probably going to happen."

The popular actor hopes to work on both shows as much as he can, "If the audience doesn't object, and the network doesn't object, I hope to do both characters as long as I can. I don't think that the audience minds seeing Wally Kurth more than once a day. It's not like I'm front burner on both shows. The shooting schedules are so wacky. I mean, I'm off for five weeks for Days of our Lives and all the hiatuses that General Hospital has? Honestly, I have room for Bold and Beautiful if they're interested!"

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