Andrea Bowen Stars in 'Pretty Little Addict' Premiering May 1 on Lifetime

Andrea Bowen
Andrea Bowen (Desperate Housewives) and Scott Lyster (Arrow) star in Pretty Little Addict, Premiering Tonight at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime

Teenager Jennifer Phillips (Andrea Bowen) is grief stricken when she loses her father after a long battle with cancer. Jennifer attempts to escape her grief with a descent into out-of-control partying and drinking. One night after one too many drinks, she hits a pedestrian in an accident that, were she sober, may not have been her fault. But because she’s drunk, she’s arrested.

Jennifer’s attempt to apologize to the family of the comatose pedestrian falls on deaf ears, sending her deeper into the abyss. At her sentencing, the court orders Jennifer to go to rehab. If she tries to leave, she will be sent to jail.

Jennifer gets the help she needs in rehab. And there’s a bonus. She meets Alex Turner, (Scott Lyster), a rebellious but sweet boy with his own set of emotional problems.

What Jenny doesn’t know is that Alex is the brother of Peter, the pedestrian Jennifer hit. Alive but comatose, Peter was a star athlete on scholarship, destined for the pros, with his family needing his financial help.

Alex’s real desire is to ruin Jenny’s life, the way she ruined his family. She must foil Alex’s plans for revenge and convince his family to forgive her.

Pretty Little Addict is executive produced by Tom Berry, David DeCrane and Gilles LaPlante. The film was written by Kraig Wenman. Director is Monika Mitchell.

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