'Days of our Lives' Star Kate Mansi: "I Might Throw Up From the Anticipation of What Was Coming For Abby and Myself'

Kate mansi and Robert Scott Wilson
Kate Mansi (Abigail) and Robert Scott Wilson (Ben) were fully aware how significant the recent Ben and Abby scenes were on Days of our Lives

"From the minute we arrived on set, Robert and I felt the weight of that encounter," Mansi tells Soap Opera Digest. "On that day in particular, we didn't rehearse together and kept our distance, which was rare for us."

When a lighting problem delayed shooting, they used it to their advantage. "We didn't take our eyes off each other, and the tension in the air felt so thick. I think we were just sort of trapped in the moment," she says.

"I knew that if I broke [character] and left set, I would lose it. But I also knew if we just stood there, I might throw up from the anticipation of what was coming for Abby and myself. It was the strangest thing, as if we had slipped and got stuck between real - and pretend-time. So I suggested that we use the time and the space as an opportunity to do the scenes without any of the actual lines, but through improv, to see what we could discover. When they finally fixed the problem and we started shooting, I didn't see even a glimpse of Robert. At that point, it was only Ben and Abby in that room. Robert and I just let ourselves get out of the way and went for the ride without any hesitation."

Their work paid off. Those scenes were magnificent!

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